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Three times sounded the entrance bell, but the duration was very short.

Joan Kinney went to open the door, slightly irritated, not knowing why is anyone in the right mind so impatient.

She peeked through the peephole just in case someone drunk, or her drunk was the one causing this commotion but there was no one in front of the door.


The shortness of the sound was still the enigma to her.

Well, there must be someone outside or the ringing would stop. Have the neighbor’s children started the ringing fashion again?

She opened the door curtly to surprise anyone who might be toying her.

There was no one in sight.

“Hello, miss!” suddenly a tiny voice startled her.

She lowered her gaze to see a small blond boy, who couldn’t be older than 5 standing and watching her with big blue eyes that shone innocence. That explains the short doorbell sound, the boy was short too so he had to jump.

“What is it?” she asked a bit too strictly, because the blue eyes got a bit frightened.

“Erm...” the boy started uncertainly.

“Well?” she probed.

“Can Brian come out and play?” The boy asked dragging the toes of his left shoe across the stone floor underneath him.

Joan didn’t know whether to bark with laughter or shoo the boy away.

A 17 year old Brian who was standing by the window on the first floor was crying, muffling his own laughter with a hand and bending over. After he recovered, his mother was thankfully still in shock so he took pity at the little boy and ran downstairs to take care of the situation.