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My beautiful equation :D

Ok, this is how I see it...

Reid will be in a wreck.
Luke will be a wreck.
you cancel out the wreck


Reid will be in Luke. XD XD XD

I'm shameless, I know...

and also in denial about the future. But as someone said:

"I reject your reality and substitute my own."



 Season 1




Intro: “Blood” by My Chemical Romance playing, snippets     

           from plot playing


Intro finishes


Augustus: (sitting in his chair in the cubicle, dressed as Zeus)

                 The Greeks said that when the soul is created it is      

                 split in two and sent to two different bodies on Earth.

                 So, what happens when half of the soul dies? You

                 roam the world half of the man you are. So, you as

                 yourself – is it worse knowing you could have been 

                 complete or not knowing it at all? Or, in other words,

                 is it better to have loved and lost than never to have

                 loved at all? They say it’s better to have loved and     

                 lost. Bullshit! Ignorance is bliss.


*       *       *


(board meeting in OZ)


Leo: So, if everyone’s said what’s on their mind…


Tim: No, I have a proposal.


Leo: What is it?


Tim: Well, I propose we organize a disco night every week.


(everyone laughs)


Leo: Now, if we’re done joking, we could wrap th-


Tim: I’m not joking!


Diane: You can’t be serious!


Pete: That’s absurd.


Dr. Nathan: That’d double my patients.


Tim: I know you’d react like this, but, hear me out. I’ve heard 

     of this in other prisons. Apparently it’s a major stress reducer

     and people get to relax together and they get to convert

     their frustration to dancing instead of fighting. We could

     even give some alcohol to those that are not addicted but

     we don’t have to cause eventually the placebo should kick

     in. They say it actually worked. You know I wouldn’t be

     saying this if I didn’t mean it.


Chief officer: What, now we let them party? Why don’t we      

                       polish their shoes while we’re at it!


Pete: You do realize only gays are going to like this.


Leo: Alright, Tim, if it makes you happy – everyone think about 

         it. We’ll discuss and vote on it tomorrow. But, either way

          no alcohol. Meeting closed!


Tim: Thank you, Leo.


Leo: Don’ thank me yet. Oh, and watch out for the new guy.



*       *       *


Said: ( praying with everyone on the floor, a large group)


Adebisi: Would you mind keeping your prayers to yourself  

              instead of flaunting them in front of everyone?


Said: I wasn’t flaunting anything, Simon. We’re merely inviting

         everyone who wishes to join us in praising the Lord.


Adebisi: Whatever you do, in the future do it out of the

              presence of my people.


Said: God has given every man and woman a free will.


Adebisi: You are nothing but a recruiter, Said. You know

              there’s things stirring.


Said: You are nothing but a sinner then, turning people away

          from faith.


Adebisi: You’re calling me a sinner and you stand in a prison

               next to me. (he leaves)


*       *       *


Augustus: ( in his chair in the cubicle again)

                  Prisoner number 13B05, Brian Kinney. Convicted

                  for possession of an illegal substance, possession of a

                  deadly weapon, four murders in the first degree.

                  Sentence life, up for parole in 90 years. HA!


(entrance cell to Emerald city)


Cop: … no fighting, no fucking.


Brian: (snorts)


Cop: These are your sponsors. They’ll show you around.

         (pairs them up)

         Kinney, you got O’Reilly.


Ryan: (beckons and leads Brian out of the cell)


Brian: (checking out his ass)


Ryan: Listen, man. I have my little brother to look after, I ain’t

          got no time to baby-sit you so Irish or not – you’re on  

         your  own. Oh, one thing – watch out for Schillinger.


(they enter Emerald city)


Ryan: Welcome to Em city! (he leaves)


(at the board game table)


Beecher: (frowning, thinking about something dark)


Keller: Look, fresh meat. Nod bad if I might add.


Beecher: (nudges Keller)


Keller: (smiles)


Mole: What’s that scar on the right of his mouth?


Bob: They say a guy tried to saw his mouth shut but Brian  

         ripped them open and bit his dick off.


Augustus: Sounds kinda like you, Beecher.


Beecher: Although my bitch got away with it. What did he do  



Augustus: He ad his boyfriend were walking home when they 

                 got attacked by some hooligans.


Beecher: (Looks away)


Mole: He don’t look like a nancy to me.


Keller: Watch out for the company, grandpa.


Augustus: Anyway, his date got stabbed by the thugs so Kinney

                  smashed them with his bare hands and some bricks.

                  They say all the cops found were two puddles of

                  blood. The kid apparently died on his hands. The

                  word is around he still wears the bloodied scarf the

                  kid wore.


Beecher: I think I would have done the same.


Keller: (glances sideways at Beecher)


Beecher: Smash them, of course. Not wear the scarf.


Augustus: (rolls eyes) To continue, that’s not all. After that he

                  totally flipped and went to kill this guy called Ethan

                  Gold. Supposedly his boyfriend was dating him

                  behind his back. They found the guy in the morning,

                  his hair washed, a violin stuck up his ass and a fiddle

                  between his ears. I don’t know what Kinney did but

                  he sounds like some nasty fuck.


Mole: Who’s the fourth?


Augustus: What?


Mole: You named three murders, who’s the fourth?


Augustus: Oh, his mother.


(everyone stares at him)


Augustus: Yes, that’s where they found him. He was in her     

                 house sitting on the couch having a cig. She was

                 nailed to the wall, soaked in booze, her eyes were

                 taped open and male gay magazines were spread

                 across the floor. They say the last thing he said to her

                 before he flipped his lighter towards her was “no,

                 you’ll burn in hell”. They couldn’t save her. Burned

                 to death. I’m telling you, this guy has no reason to



Brian: (behind Augustus’s back)

           Don’t I? I see some asses here I like.


Augustus: (startles)

                  Hey, man. Didn’t see you there.


Brian: What are you? The resonate narrator?


Augustus: Well, actually…


Brian: Never mind. What’s your name?


Augustus: Augustus.


Brian: Nice name. Anyone call you Gus?




(a fight starts between Alvarez and Kenny)


Kenny: You bitch! Keep your market out of our territory!


Alvarez: Get the fuck off of me you little shit!!


Cops: (part them and take them to solitary)


Brian: What was that all about?


Augustus: You’ll get the hang of it eventually. It’s the gang

                 thing. So, if you don’t mind me asking, how come

                  you’re not on death row?


Brian: Good lawyer.


Beecher: Who?


Brian: Melanie Marcus.


Beecher: Uh, I went against her once. She’s the toughest.


Augustus: So, the gangs… (he starts explaining to Brian)


(Vern is watching them from the balcony)


Vern’s flashback


Beecher: (slams Vern’s face into the TV in the main room, 

               Brian is standing next to the Mayor on some event)

               See that guy? His name is Brian Kinney. I paid him to

               do your son. He said he’d do it for free. He fucked his

               sweet supple little ass until he screamed for more. The

               he slapped it and gave him a shot. That’s when your

              son OD-ed! Your sweet little son, Vern. A fag! Found 

              in a dumpster the other day… Remember my wife, 

               Vern? Are you sure you killed her now?


Vern: (grunts)


End flashback


Nikolai: (walks by, gets into his pod) (says in Russian to his 


              The smell of an upcoming war is in the air, my friend.

              And it isn’t looking up for us. We’re in the minority

              and those niggers are growing and growing. We have to

              stagnate that. I say we get rid of the fat guy.



(later, back at the table, Brian is gone to settle in)


Keller: Where is the new guy gonna work?


Beecher: you seem awfully interested into him.


Keller: Just curious.


Beecher: (sideway glances)


Bob: He’s gonna be working in the HIV ward.


Augustus: God tells you awful lot.


Bob: Well, I listen.


Beecher: I still don’t get how he’s not on the death row. Mental     

               harassment? Self defense?


Mole: Maybe he played on the crazy card…


Augustus: He had to PLAY that?



*      *      *


Augustus: How do you recognize that other part of your soul? I

                   mean, do you just click into place? And what

                   happens if you’ve been apart long enough to think

                   that each of you is already whole?


*     *      *



(HIV ward)


Brian: (turns to another prisoner)

           They told me to ask you what to do. My name is Brian



Prisoner: I’m Emmett Honeycutt. I heard why you’re in for. 

                I’m very sorry.


Brian: (surprised, looks away sadly)

           Well… What are you in for?


Emmett: Sexual harassment. Not that I’m guilty. The guy’s a

                 huge sport star so he went all fruitcake on me and my

                 lawyer couldn’t defend the innocent girl from that 

                 musical Chicago. And mind this! They say I’m

                 positive but I’ve never fucked bareback in my life nor

                 do I do drugs. It’s impossible!


Brian: Maybe someone switched files with you.


Emmett: I’ve thought of that but I don’t have any connections  

                in the hospital and I can’t even smell it myself

                because of well… I’m stuck here.


Brian: I’ll ask for transfer and try to investigate… for a price.


Em: Oh! Thankyouthankyou! Of course! We’ll talk business

          later. Now we work.



*           *            *


(Schibetta with Chucky in his pod at night)


Schibetta: I haven’t been feeling very well lately…


Chucky: Something you ate?


Schibetta: Probably. Or I’ve been stressing out. The gangs are 

                  at each other’s throats. I feel like one thing is needed

                  to set off a war.


Chucky: Yea, I know what you mean…


Schibetta: We have to find allies or we’re dead. Ugh.. my 

                 stomach hurts…



Cop: Go to sleep, ladies!


(Augustus is in his bed, facing the camera)


Augustus: Anyway, no matter how our souls are in here, no

                   matter if they’re half or whole, they don’t care.

                  Because they’re all very well know they’re all going

                  to hell! (laughs with bitter malice)


(silence for 5 seconds then a loud scream)


Brian: (in his sleep) Justin! (it rings through the halls)







Three times sounded the entrance bell, but the duration was very short.

Joan Kinney went to open the door, slightly irritated, not knowing why is anyone in the right mind so impatient.

She peeked through the peephole just in case someone drunk, or her drunk was the one causing this commotion but there was no one in front of the door.


The shortness of the sound was still the enigma to her.

Well, there must be someone outside or the ringing would stop. Have the neighbor’s children started the ringing fashion again?

She opened the door curtly to surprise anyone who might be toying her.

There was no one in sight.

“Hello, miss!” suddenly a tiny voice startled her.

She lowered her gaze to see a small blond boy, who couldn’t be older than 5 standing and watching her with big blue eyes that shone innocence. That explains the short doorbell sound, the boy was short too so he had to jump.

“What is it?” she asked a bit too strictly, because the blue eyes got a bit frightened.

“Erm...” the boy started uncertainly.

“Well?” she probed.

“Can Brian come out and play?” The boy asked dragging the toes of his left shoe across the stone floor underneath him.

Joan didn’t know whether to bark with laughter or shoo the boy away.

A 17 year old Brian who was standing by the window on the first floor was crying, muffling his own laughter with a hand and bending over. After he recovered, his mother was thankfully still in shock so he took pity at the little boy and ran downstairs to take care of the situation.